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Some say the term comes from English pubs in the 18th Century. It's said that urns were displayed with the label "To Insure Promptitude", in which patrons could place their money for better service.         
"Keep the change!" Music to the ears of every waiter, waitress, bartender, taxi driver or bar staff.
However, experience shows that one waiter dutifully doing his work and being with attention to his tables is having hard times to get any Tip while another waiter in addition to his daily wages always makes a decent cut, when it comes to Tip.
Based on my own years of experience, observation of colleagues, discussions with experts and psychologists, research on the Internet and the frequent visits of all trade sectors catering to hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, bars, restaurants, hotel boats, cruise ships and passenger steamers, it is my pleasure to give the trainee waiter or the interested professional  some advices for the everyday work, and you will see – just like a miracle – the source of Tip opens and start floating into your pocket.
If I tell you that in United States alone, approximately 11.5 billion dollar change their owners in form of tips - and the tendency is rising. Therefore, it does make sense, that with a few tricks changing attitude and behaviour with your guests you will participate in this wonderful cash flow.



Recommendation No. 1 – Clothing and personal hygiene
Recommendation No. 2 – Creativity
Recommendation No. 3 – Intro
Recommendation No. 4 – Posture
Recommendation No. 5 – Copy-effects
Recommendation No. 6 – Smile
Recommendation No. 7 – Points of contact
Recommendation No. 8 – Entertainment
Recommendation No. 9 – Sweets
Recommendation No. 10 – Little drawings
Recommendation No. 11 – Thank you
Recommendation No. 12 – sell, sell, sell
Recommendation No. 13 – Logos
Recommendation No. 14 – Prophecy
Recommendation No. 15 – Suggestive questions or alternative questions?
Recommendation No. 16 – Nod
Some important facts about T.I.P.
Special: Waiter jokes
Concluding Remarks
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